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Artists about art: Agnes Martin

»I painted for twenty years without really liking my work. I tried not to sell my paintings or even show them because they were not exactly what I wanted. After twenty years I found out what I wanted: completely non-objective paintings.«

»People tell me my paintings are about peace. I really think they're about tranquility. Tranquility comes when you're resting. Your mind has stopped. You feel happy.

»We think of a happiness beyond what we ever experience. Beauty illustrates happiness. The wind in the grass. The shining waves following each other. The blue sky by itself is happy. The dark night is a different kind of happiness. That's what I find from looking around…
I experience a transcendental euphoria. If others don't feel that, they are just not awake.«

I feel happy when I keep looking at the painting and I can imagine it completed. Before I start a painting I have a complete inspiration in my mind.

My paintings are needed. When you're an artist in this rat race, you need to turn your back to the world. And rest.
It's so quiet, looking out. Everybody looks out over the ocean. Same as the blue sky. Our most subtle emotions are aroused by looking.«

»The response to art should be emotion. Everybody's making a mistake of thinking they have to understand art; but no. That's intellectual. Not really art.«

»I don't mind that people think my paintings are landscapes. I like to think they are a far view.

I think human beings are capable of responding beyond the world. When they look at my paintings, they respond to them. So when they respond to my paintings, they are responding beyond the world.«

»When I think of Art, I think of Beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life.
It is not in the eye, it is in the mind.
In the mind, there is an awareness of perfection.«


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