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Artists about art : Lee Krassner

Intelligent and well read, she worried if she did not »forget enough« so that the ideas she encountered could later be absorbed into her own art.
She no doubt used her art as a way to resolve the various contradictions in herself.
As she distrusted her own intelligence, she attempted instead to trust her unconscious to lead her to what she regarded as true feelings rather than socially conditioned responses.

The paintings as self-portraits make it clear that her »subject matter« would be herself. The »what« would be the truths contained in her own body, an organism as much a part of nature and reality as plants, animals, the sea, or the stones beneath us. Her paintings establish the theme of the self, which she first perceived as something IN nature, but later on related to it AS nature.

She experienced the difficulty and the exhilaration of  creation, the fears of being subsumed in mythic content, and the satisfaction of finally developing an enlarged sense of self as a result of her deep commitment to fullfilling her own nature.

The sacrificial female is a subject in a few of her paintings (»Listen« and »Birth«), where she experienced great anguish while creating:«When I was painting »Listen« which looks like such a happy painting, I almost didn't see it, because tears were literally pouring down.«

»The eye is the first circle« heralds Krasner's need for regeneration and exploration of the little-understood threshold between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Her landscapes are metaphorically the »inscapes«. She developed her interest in metaphors of rebirth and inner vision, which she manifested through the eye, egg, and bud forms, liberally distributed throughout the canvas.


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