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About the exhibition „ENDING SPACE“, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, 1995

“What does the translucent image of these paintings talk about? What is the purpose of the light reflected by aluminium foils, planes of white paint, sprays, varnished surfaces? If we were to think about these paintings only in the terms of their relations to their natural sources, natural lighting, we would be mistaken. The essence of these paintings has to be sought in a wider scope of reflection.
Mankind has entered the Age of Aquarius. At the end of the century people are turning to metaphysical questions concerning not only the ending of the century, the millenarian mysticism, eschatology, the waning of the world, the ultimate possible space… they think about a metaphysical lighting as well. And should the paintings be thought of as altars, splinters of metaphysical consciousness, passages, centuries, powers of the inaccessibility…, then these works do not refer to depicturing of the luminous, godlike or metaphysical in painting, but they have made an attempt to transcend this artistic aphory by the notion that a different human awareness concerning the lighting and the space needs to be brought about.

This woman painter believes in high vibrations of the lighting within the human mental pictoriality and spiritual imagery.
In the spirit of the philosophy of the New Age these paintings behave like philosophical, mandala-like, as well as sensual diagrams. This painting is a painting of postmodernism.
These works are opening a vision ingrained in the image that it is after the realm of sublime have seemed entirely exhausted again possible to enter the realm of the metaphysical or even godly by the means of the whiteness, the light and the glittering reflections.

This exhibition is important as an announcement of a future research as a sign of some more widespread orientations in art. Art is once again going back into the realm of the spiritual.
A demanding task is to achieve the complete embodiment of the metaphysical philosophy in a painted image surface and transcendence of the negative aspect of cosmic naturalism.
These may be signs of the time that is simply necessary to get off the expressive coloristic way of the past decade.
This might be a special sensibility. New vibrations create altars of some metaphysical visions, splinters of the Age of Aquarius, and, by all means, the kind of hope art is always cooperating with: changing our spiritual ability to imagine.


dr. Tomaz Brejc, Ljubljana, 1995


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