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Artists about art: Auguste Rodin

The supreme aim of art is to express the essential. All that is inessential is foreign to art. The difficulty is to untangle the essential from nonessential. A masterpiece is of necessity a very simple thing, which comprises only the essential. It is by rising to what is indispensable in the expression of their thoughts and feelings that both, man and artist, worthily fullfill themselves.
Work is mysterious. It grants much to those who are patient and simple; it refuses those who are hurried and vain.
My transformations come above all from my work; having worked ever more assiduously, I may say that I have ever more ardently and more lucidly loved.
And, in fact, because I myself have changed, I find novelty in sights that are familiar, and beauty in forms that I did not understand before.

God did not create the sky in order that we should not look at it. For me, the sky is the most important landscape. The sky reigns over all things… What happy lands are above the earth in the peace that is beyond all clouds…
But the landscape's greatest beauty is given by its distance; a superior beauty resides in the effects of depth.
All aspects of nature are admirable. It suffices to love in order to penetrate their secret.
A single loving thought, the love that comes from nature, repays my whole life…

Greece – I think of her at once whenever I feel on my lips this honey of admiration for beauty. The bas-reliefs on the Partenon are adressed to the spirit, to the superior understanding. Geometry is divine, it speaks to our hearts, because it is the general principle of things.
Looking at these stones, I feel them. My gaze touches them everywhere as I move around them, from all sides searching out their secret.
Solidity and depth that survive the centuries! And it is also taste, wisdom, reason, it is immortality as well as the link which unites century to century.
For the Greeks, art was one of the wings of love, and religion was the other. Art and religion give humanity all the certainties it needs to live by.
The Greek artist achieved a form, which participates in the environment, in the atmosphere itself. He worked with feverish but lucid ardor and did not allow himself to be drawn into betraying nature by anything empty or cold.

The usefulness of a »subject« is to focus the mind and to save it from dispersion. But the true importance is beyond that… beautiful shadows, from which there looms a head, then the neckof the nymph – all is of
an infinite grace. That grace is what is important to understand.

Time is infinitely just and wise. It's action over our works wears them, but it returns almost as much as it takes away. Living each time by a smal discovery, a flash of comprehension, I no longer count upon the conquest of the absolute.
Time, like the Earth, mounts and descends; its elipse, during the course of the century, sweeps along the preceeding century, through both good and evil, through both day and night.
We should long ago have been gods if the theory of indefinite progress were true.

I know that at present time man is suffering; he invokes a change. A whole new world is stirring of which we know nothing, perceiving neither its proportions, its bounds, nor its harmony. However it may be, man has already known how to pass through them without sacrificing the past to the future. For all the weight of the centuries, the sphinxes and the temples, still raise their profiles of august serenity against the horizon.
Before I myself disappear, I wish at least to have told my admiration for them. I wish to honour these stones, these beautiful lingering shadows where softness sleeps at the heart of power…


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